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Education Framework List: Framework Skill
Framework Name Description Show
NICE S0001 Skill in conducting vulnerability scans and recognizing vulnerabilities in security systems. Show
NICE S0002 Skill in allocating storage capacity in the design of data management systems. Show
NICE S0003 Skill of identifying, capturing, containing, and reporting malware. Show
NICE S0004 Skill in analyzing network traffic capacity and performance characteristics. Show
NICE S0005 Skill in applying and incorporating information technologies into proposed solutions. Show
NICE S0006 Skill in applying confidentiality, integrity, and availability principles. Show
NICE S0007 Skill in applying host/network access controls (e.g., access control list). Show
NICE S0008 Skill in applying organization-specific systems analysis principles and techniques. Show
NICE S0009 WITHDRAWN: Skill in assessing the robustness of security systems and designs. (See S0027) Show
NICE S0010 Skill in conducting capabilities and requirements analysis. Show
NICE S0011 Skill in conducting information searches. Show
NICE S0012 Skill in conducting knowledge mapping (e.g., map of knowledge repositories). Show
NICE S0013 Skill in conducting queries and developing algorithms to analyze data structures. Show
NICE S0014 Skill in conducting software debugging. Show
NICE S0015 Skill in conducting test events. Show
NICE S0016 Skill in configuring and optimizing software. Show
NICE S0017 Skill in creating and utilizing mathematical or statistical models. Show
NICE S0018 Skill in creating policies that reflect system security objectives. Show
NICE S0019 Skill in creating programs that validate and process multiple inputs including command line arguments, environmental variables, and input streams. Show
NICE S0020 Skill in developing and deploying signatures. Show
NICE S0021 Skill in designing a data analysis structure (i.e., the types of data a test must generate and how to analyze that data). Show
NICE S0022 Skill in designing countermeasures to identified security risks. Show
NICE S0023 Skill in designing security controls based on cybersecurity principles and tenets. Show
NICE S0024 Skill in designing the integration of hardware and software solutions. Show
NICE S0025 Skill in detecting host and network based intrusions via intrusion detection technologies (e.g., Snort). Show
NICE S0026 Skill in determining an appropriate level of test rigor for a given system. Show
NICE S0027 Skill in determining how a security system should work (including its resilience and dependability capabilities) and how changes in conditions, operations, or the environment will affect these outcomes. Show
NICE S0028 Skill in developing data dictionaries. Show
NICE S0029 Skill in developing data models. Show
NICE S0030 Skill in developing operations-based testing scenarios. Show
NICE S0031 Skill in developing and applying security system access controls. Show
NICE S0032 Skill in developing, testing, and implementing network infrastructure contingency and recovery plans. Show
NICE S0033 Skill in diagnosing connectivity problems. Show
NICE S0034 Skill in discerning the protection needs (i.e., security controls) of information systems and networks. Show
NICE S0035 Skill in establishing a routing schema. Show
NICE S0036 Skill in evaluating the adequacy of security designs. Show
NICE S0037 Skill in generating queries and reports. Show
NICE S0038 Skill in identifying measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance, relative to the goals of the system. Show
NICE S0039 Skill in identifying possible causes of degradation of system performance or availability and initiating actions needed to mitigate this degradation. Show
NICE S0040 Skill in implementing, maintaining, and improving established network security practices. Show
NICE S0041 Skill in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting LAN and WAN components such as routers, hubs, and switches. Show
NICE S0042 Skill in maintaining databases. (i.e., backup, restore, delete data, transaction log files, etc.). Show
NICE S0043 Skill in maintaining directory services. (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, etc.). Show
NICE S0044 Skill in mimicking threat behaviors. Show
NICE S0045 Skill in optimizing database performance. Show
NICE S0046 Skill in performing packet-level analysis using appropriate tools (e.g., Wireshark, tcpdump). Show
NICE S0047 Skill in preserving evidence integrity according to standard operating procedures or national standards. Show
NICE S0048 Skill in systems integration testing. Show
NICE S0049 Skill in the measuring and reporting of intellectual capital. Show
NICE S0050 Skill in design modeling and building use cases (e.g., unified modeling language). Show
NICE S0051 Skill in the use of penetration testing tools and techniques. Show
NICE S0052 Skill in the use of social engineering techniques. (e.g., phishing, baiting, tailgating, etc.). Show
NICE S0053 Skill in tuning sensors. Show
NICE S0054 Skill in using incident handling methodologies. Show
NICE S0055 Skill in using knowledge management technologies. Show
NICE S0056 Skill in using network management tools to analyze network traffic patterns (e.g., simple network management protocol). Show
NICE S0057 Skill in using protocol analyzers. Show
NICE S0058 Skill in using the appropriate tools for repairing software, hardware, and peripheral equipment of a system. Show
NICE S0059 Skill in using Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices and encryption. Show
NICE S0060 Skill in writing code in a currently supported programming language (e.g., Java, C++). Show
NICE S0061 Skill in writing test plans. Show
NICE S0062 Skill in analyzing memory dumps to extract information. Show
NICE S0063 Skill in collecting data from a variety of cyber defense resources. Show
NICE S0064 Skill in developing and executing technical training programs and curricula. Show
NICE S0065 Skill in identifying and extracting data of forensic interest in diverse media (i.e., media forensics). Show
NICE S0066 Skill in identifying gaps in technical capabilities. Show
NICE S0067 Skill in identifying, modifying, and manipulating applicable system components within Windows, Unix, or Linux (e.g., passwords, user accounts, files). Show
NICE S0068 Skill in collecting, processing, packaging, transporting, and storing electronic evidence to avoid alteration, loss, physical damage, or destruction of data. Show
NICE S0069 Skill in setting up a forensic workstation. Show
NICE S0070 Skill in talking to others to convey information effectively. Show
NICE S0071 Skill in using forensic tool suites (e.g., EnCase, Sleuthkit, FTK). Show
NICE S0072 Skill in using scientific rules and methods to solve problems. Show
NICE S0073 Skill in using virtual machines. (e.g., Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare vSphere, Citrix XenDesktop/Server, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, etc.). Show
NICE S0074 Skill in physically disassembling PCs. Show
NICE S0075 Skill in conducting forensic analyses in multiple operating system environments (e.g., mobile device systems). Show
NICE S0076 Skill in configuring and utilizing software-based computer protection tools (e.g., software firewalls, antivirus software, anti-spyware). Show
NICE S0077 Skill in securing network communications. Show
NICE S0078 Skill in recognizing and categorizing types of vulnerabilities and associated attacks. Show
NICE S0079 Skill in protecting a network against malware. (e.g., NIPS, anti-malware, restrict/prevent external devices, spam filters). Show
NICE S0080 Skill in performing damage assessments. Show
NICE S0081 Skill in using network analysis tools to identify vulnerabilities. (e.g., fuzzing, nmap, etc.). Show
NICE S0082 Skill in evaluating test plans for applicability and completeness. Show
NICE S0083 Skill in integrating black box security testing tools into quality assurance process of software releases. Show
NICE S0084 Skill in configuring and utilizing network protection components (e.g., Firewalls, VPNs, network intrusion detection systems). Show
NICE S0085 Skill in conducting audits or reviews of technical systems. Show
NICE S0086 Skill in evaluating the trustworthiness of the supplier and/or product. Show
NICE S0087 Skill in deep analysis of captured malicious code (e.g., malware forensics). Show
NICE S0088 Skill in using binary analysis tools (e.g., Hexedit, command code xxd, hexdump). Show
NICE S0089 Skill in one-way hash functions (e.g., Secure Hash Algorithm [SHA], Message Digest Algorithm [MD5]). Show
NICE S0090 Skill in analyzing anomalous code as malicious or benign. Show
NICE S0091 Skill in analyzing volatile data. Show
NICE S0092 Skill in identifying obfuscation techniques. Show
NICE S0093 Skill in interpreting results of debugger to ascertain tactics, techniques, and procedures. Show
NICE S0094 Skill in reading Hexadecimal data. Show
NICE S0095 Skill in identifying common encoding techniques (e.g., Exclusive Disjunction [XOR], American Standard Code for Information Interchange [ASCII], Unicode, Base64, Uuencode, Uniform Resource Locator [URL] encode). Show
NICE S0096 Skill in reading and interpreting signatures (e.g., snort). Show
NICE S0097 Skill in applying security controls. Show
NICE S0098 WITHDRAWN: Skill in detecting host and network based intrusions via intrusion detection technologies. (See S0025) Show
NICE S0099 WITHDRAWN: Skill in determining how a security system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, or the environment will affect these outcomes. (See S0027) Show
NICE S0100 Skill in utilizing or developing learning activities (e.g., scenarios, instructional games, interactive exercises). Show
NICE S0101 Skill in utilizing technologies (e.g., SmartBoards, websites, computers, projectors) for instructional purposes. Show
NICE S0102 Skill in applying technical delivery capabilities. Show
NICE S0103 Skill in assessing the predictive power and subsequent generalizability of a model. Show
NICE S0104 Skill in conducting Test Readiness Reviews. Show
NICE S0105 WITHDRAWN: Skill in data mining techniques. (See S0202) Show
NICE S0106 Skill in data pre-processing (e.g., imputation, dimensionality reduction, normalization, transformation, extraction, filtering, smoothing). Show
NICE S0107 Skill in designing and documenting overall program Test & Evaluation strategies. Show
NICE S0108 Skill in developing workforce and position qualification standards. Show
NICE S0109 Skill in identifying hidden patterns or relationships. Show
NICE S0110 Skill in identifying Test & Evaluation infrastructure (people, ranges, tools, instrumentation) requirements. Show
NICE S0111 Skill in interfacing with customers. Show
NICE S0112 Skill in managing test assets, test resources, and test personnel to ensure effective completion of test events. Show
NICE S0113 Skill in performing format conversions to create a standard representation of the data. Show
NICE S0114 Skill in performing sensitivity analysis. Show
NICE S0115 Skill in preparing Test & Evaluation reports. Show
NICE S0116 Skill in designing multi-level security/cross domain solutions. Show
NICE S0117 Skill in providing Test & Evaluation resource estimate. Show
NICE S0118 Skill in developing machine understandable semantic ontologies. Show
NICE S0119 Skill in Regression Analysis (e.g., Hierarchical Stepwise, Generalized Linear Model, Ordinary Least Squares, Tree-Based Methods, Logistic). Show
NICE S0120 Skill in reviewing logs to identify evidence of past intrusions. Show
NICE S0121 Skill in system, network, and OS hardening techniques. (e.g., remove unnecessary services, password policies, network segmentation, enable logging, least privilege, etc.). Show
NICE S0122 Skill in the use of design methods. Show
NICE S0123 Skill in transformation analytics (e.g., aggregation, enrichment, processing). Show
NICE S0124 Skill in troubleshooting and diagnosing cyber defense infrastructure anomalies and work through resolution. Show
NICE S0125 Skill in using basic descriptive statistics and techniques (e.g., normality, model distribution, scatter plots). Show
NICE S0126 Skill in using data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, STATA SAS, SPSS). Show
NICE S0127 Skill in using data mapping tools. Show
NICE S0128 Skill in using manpower and personnel IT systems. Show
NICE S0129 Skill in using outlier identification and removal techniques. Show
NICE S0130 Skill in writing scripts using R, Python, PIG, HIVE, SQL, etc. Show
NICE S0131 Skill in analyzing malware. Show
NICE S0132 Skill in conducting bit-level analysis. Show
NICE S0133 Skill in processing digital evidence, to include protecting and making legally sound copies of evidence. Show
NICE S0134 Skill in conducting reviews of systems. Show
NICE S0135 Skill in secure test plan design (e. g. unit, integration, system, acceptance). Show
NICE S0136 Skill in network systems management principles, models, methods (e.g., end-to-end systems performance monitoring), and tools. Show
NICE S0137 Skill in conducting application vulnerability assessments. Show
NICE S0138 Skill in using Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption and digital signature capabilities into applications (e.g., S/MIME email, SSL traffic). Show
NICE S0139 Skill in applying security models (e.g., Bell-LaPadula model, Biba integrity model, Clark-Wilson integrity model). Show
NICE S0140 Skill in applying the systems engineering process. Show
NICE S0141 Skill in assessing security systems designs. Show
NICE S0142 Skill in conducting research for troubleshooting novel client-level problems. Show
NICE S0143 Skill in conducting system/server planning, management, and maintenance. Show
NICE S0144 Skill in correcting physical and technical problems that impact system/server performance. Show
NICE S0145 Skill in integrating and applying policies that meet system security objectives. Show
NICE S0146 Skill in creating policies that enable systems to meet performance objectives (e.g. traffic routing, SLA's, CPU specifications). Show
NICE S0147 Skill in assessing security controls based on cybersecurity principles and tenets. (e.g., CIS CSC, NIST SP 800-53, Cybersecurity Framework, etc.). Show
NICE S0148 Skill in designing the integration of technology processes and solutions, including legacy systems and modern programming languages. Show
NICE S0149 Skill in developing applications that can log and handle errors, exceptions, and application faults and logging. Show
NICE S0150 Skill in implementing and testing network infrastructure contingency and recovery plans. Show
NICE S0151 Skill in troubleshooting failed system components (i.e., servers) Show
NICE S0152 Skill in translating operational requirements into protection needs (i.e., security controls). Show
NICE S0153 Skill in identifying and anticipating system/server performance, availability, capacity, or configuration problems. Show
NICE S0154 Skill in installing system and component upgrades. (i.e., servers, appliances, network devices). Show
NICE S0155 Skill in monitoring and optimizing system/server performance. Show
NICE S0156 Skill in performing packet-level analysis. Show
NICE S0157 Skill in recovering failed systems/servers. (e.g., recovery software, failover clusters, replication, etc.). Show
NICE S0158 Skill in operating system administration. (e.g., account maintenance, data backups, maintain system performance, install and configure new hardware/software). Show
NICE S0159 Skill in configuring and validating network workstations and peripherals in accordance with approved standards and/or specifications. Show
NICE S0160 Skill in the use of design modeling (e.g., unified modeling language). Show
NICE S0161 WITHDRAWN: Integrated into S0160 Show
NICE S0162 Skill in applying various subnet techniques (e.g., CIDR) Show
NICE S0163 WITHDRAWN: Integrated into S0060 Show
NICE S0164 Skill in assessing the application of cryptographic standards. Show
NICE S0165 WITHDRAWN: Skill in collecting, packaging, transporting, and storing electronic evidence to avoid alteration, loss, physical damage, or destruction of data. (See S0068) Show
NICE S0166 Skill in identifying gaps in technical delivery capabilities. Show
NICE S0167 Skill in recognizing vulnerabilities in security systems. (e.g., vulnerability and compliance scanning). Show
NICE S0168 Skill in setting up physical or logical sub-networks that separate an internal local area network (LAN) from other untrusted networks. Show
NICE S0169 Skill in conducting trend analysis. Show
NICE S0170 Skill in configuring and utilizing computer protection components (e.g., hardware firewalls, servers, routers, as appropriate). Show
NICE S0171 Skill in performing impact/risk assessments. Show
NICE S0172 Skill in applying secure coding techniques. Show
NICE S0173 Skill in using security event correlation tools. Show
NICE S0174 Skill in using code analysis tools. Show
NICE S0175 Skill in performing root cause analysis. Show
NICE S0176 Skill in administrative planning activities, to include preparation of functional and specific support plans, preparing and managing correspondence, and staffing procedures. Show
NICE S0177 Skill in analyzing a target's communication networks. Show
NICE S0178 Skill in analyzing essential network data (e.g., router configuration files, routing protocols). Show
NICE S0179 Skill in analyzing language processing tools to provide feedback to enhance tool development. Show
NICE S0180 WITHDRAWN: Integrated into S0062 Show
NICE S0181 Skill in analyzing midpoint collection data. Show
NICE S0182 Skill in analyzing target communications internals and externals collected from wireless LANs. Show
NICE S0183 Skill in analyzing terminal or environment collection data. Show
NICE S0184 Skill in analyzing traffic to identify network devices. Show
NICE S0185 Skill in applying analytical methods typically employed to support planning and to justify recommended strategies and courses of action. Show
NICE S0186 Skill in applying crisis planning procedures. Show
NICE S0187 Skill in applying various analytical methods, tools, and techniques (e.g., competing hypotheses; chain of reasoning; scenario methods; denial and deception detection; high impact-low probability; network/association or link analysis; Bayesian, Delphi, and Pattern analyses). Show
NICE S0188 Skill in assessing a target's frame of reference (e.g., motivation, technical capability, organizational structure, sensitivities). Show
NICE S0189 Skill in assessing and/or estimating effects generated during and after cyber operations. Show
NICE S0190 Skill in assessing current tools to identify needed improvements. Show
NICE S0191 Skill in assessing the applicability of available analytical tools to various situations. Show
NICE S0192 Skill in auditing firewalls, perimeters, routers, and intrusion detection systems. Show
NICE S0193 Skill in complying with the legal restrictions for targeted information. Show
NICE S0194 Skill in conducting non-attributable research. Show
NICE S0195 Skill in conducting research using all available sources. Show
NICE S0196 Skill in conducting research using deep web. Show
NICE S0197 Skill in conducting social network analysis, buddy list analysis, and/or cookie analysis. Show
NICE S0198 Skill in conducting social network analysis. Show
NICE S0199 Skill in creating and extracting important information from packet captures. Show
NICE S0200 Skill in creating collection requirements in support of data acquisition activities. Show
NICE S0201 Skill in creating plans in support of remote operations. (i.e., hot/warm/cold/alternative sites, disaster recovery). Show
NICE S0202 Skill in data mining techniques (e.g., searching file systems) and analysis. Show
NICE S0203 Skill in defining and characterizing all pertinent aspects of the operational environment. Show
NICE S0204 Skill in depicting source or collateral data on a network map. Show
NICE S0205 Skill in determining appropriate targeting options through the evaluation of available capabilities against desired effects. Show
NICE S0206 Skill in determining installed patches on various operating systems and identifying patch signatures. Show
NICE S0207 Skill in determining the effect of various router and firewall configurations on traffic patterns and network performance in both LAN and WAN environments. Show
NICE S0208 Skill in determining the physical location of network devices. Show
NICE S0209 Skill in developing and executing comprehensive cyber operations assessment programs for assessing and validating operational performance characteristics. Show
NICE S0210 Skill in developing intelligence reports. Show
NICE S0211 Skill in developing or recommending analytic approaches or solutions to problems and situations for which information is incomplete or for which no precedent exists. Show
NICE S0212 Skill in disseminating items of highest intelligence value in a timely manner. Show
NICE S0213 Skill in documenting and communicating complex technical and programmatic information. Show
NICE S0214 Skill in evaluating accesses for intelligence value. Show
NICE S0215 Skill in evaluating and interpreting metadata. Show
NICE S0216 Skill in evaluating available capabilities against desired effects to provide effective courses of action. Show
NICE S0217 Skill in evaluating data sources for relevance, reliability, and objectivity. Show
NICE S0218 Skill in evaluating information for reliability, validity, and relevance. Show
NICE S0219 Skill in evaluating information to recognize relevance, priority, etc. Show
NICE S0220 Skill in exploiting/querying organizational and/or partner collection databases. Show
NICE S0221 Skill in extracting information from packet captures. Show
NICE S0222 Skill in fusion analysis Show
NICE S0223 Skill in generating operation plans in support of mission and target requirements. Show
NICE S0224 Skill in gisting target communications. Show
NICE S0225 Skill in identifying a target’s communications networks. Show
NICE S0226 Skill in identifying a target's network characteristics. Show
NICE S0227 Skill in identifying alternative analytical interpretations to minimize unanticipated outcomes. Show
NICE S0228 Skill in identifying critical target elements, to include critical target elements for the cyber domain. Show
NICE S0229 Skill in identifying cyber threats which may jeopardize organization and/or partner interests. Show
NICE S0230 WITHDRAWN: Integrated into S0066 Show
NICE S0231 Skill in identifying how a target communicates. Show
NICE S0232 Skill in identifying intelligence gaps and limitations. Show
NICE S0233 Skill in identifying language issues that may have an impact on organization objectives. Show
NICE S0234 Skill in identifying leads for target development. Show
NICE S0235 Skill in identifying non-target regional languages and dialects Show
NICE S0236 Skill in identifying the devices that work at each level of protocol models. Show
NICE S0237 Skill in identifying, locating, and tracking targets via geospatial analysis techniques Show
NICE S0238 Skill in information prioritization as it relates to operations. Show
NICE S0239 Skill in interpreting compiled and interpretive programming languages. Show
NICE S0240 Skill in interpreting metadata and content as applied by collection systems. Show
NICE S0241 Skill in interpreting traceroute results, as they apply to network analysis and reconstruction. Show
NICE S0242 Skill in interpreting vulnerability scanner results to identify vulnerabilities. Show
NICE S0243 Skill in knowledge management, including technical documentation techniques (e.g., Wiki page). Show
NICE S0244 Skill in managing client relationships, including determining client needs/requirements, managing client expectations, and demonstrating commitment to delivering quality results. Show
NICE S0245 Skill in navigating network visualization software. Show
NICE S0246 Skill in number normalization. Show
NICE S0247 Skill in performing data fusion from existing intelligence for enabling new and continued collection. Show
NICE S0248 Skill in performing target system analysis. Show
NICE S0249 Skill in preparing and presenting briefings. Show
NICE S0250 Skill in preparing plans and related correspondence. Show
NICE S0251 Skill in prioritizing target language material. Show
NICE S0252 Skill in processing collected data for follow-on analysis. Show
NICE S0253 Skill in providing analysis on target-related matters (e.g., language, cultural, communications). Show
NICE S0254 Skill in providing analysis to aid writing phased after action reports. Show
NICE S0255 Skill in providing real-time, actionable geolocation information utilizing target infrastructures. Show
NICE S0256 Skill in providing understanding of target or threat systems through the identification and link analysis of physical, functional, or behavioral relationships. Show
NICE S0257 Skill in reading, interpreting, writing, modifying, and executing simple scripts (e.g., PERL, VBS) on Windows and Unix systems (e.g., those that perform tasks like parsing large data files, automating manual tasks, and fetching/processing remote data). Show
NICE S0258 Skill in recognizing and interpreting malicious network activity in traffic. Show
NICE S0259 Skill in recognizing denial and deception techniques of the target. Show
NICE S0260 Skill in recognizing midpoint opportunities and essential information. Show
NICE S0261 Skill in recognizing relevance of information. Show
NICE S0262 Skill in recognizing significant changes in a target’s communication patterns. Show
NICE S0263 Skill in recognizing technical information that may be used for leads for metadata analysis. Show
NICE S0264 Skill in recognizing technical information that may be used for leads to enable remote operations (data includes users, passwords, email addresses, IP ranges of the target, frequency in DNI behavior, mail servers, domain servers, SMTP header information). Show
NICE S0265 Skill in recognizing technical information that may be used for target development including intelligence development. Show
NICE S0266 Skill in relevant programming languages (e.g., C++, Python, etc.). Show
NICE S0267 Skill in remote command line and Graphic User Interface (GUI) tool usage. Show
NICE S0268 Skill in researching essential information. Show
NICE S0269 Skill in researching vulnerabilities and exploits utilized in traffic. Show
NICE S0270 Skill in reverse engineering (e.g., hex editing, binary packaging utilities, debugging, and strings analysis) to identify function and ownership of remote tools. Show
NICE S0271 Skill in reviewing and editing assessment products. Show
NICE S0272 Skill in reviewing and editing intelligence products from various sources for cyber operations. Show
NICE S0273 Skill in reviewing and editing plans. Show
NICE S0274 Skill in reviewing and editing target materials. Show
NICE S0275 Skill in server administration. Show
NICE S0276 Skill in survey, collection, and analysis of wireless LAN metadata. Show
NICE S0277 Skill in synthesizing, analyzing, and prioritizing meaning across data sets. Show
NICE S0278 Skill in tailoring analysis to the necessary levels (e.g., classification and organizational). Show
NICE S0279 Skill in target development in direct support of collection operations. Show
NICE S0280 Skill in target network anomaly identification (e.g., intrusions, dataflow or processing, target implementation of new technologies). Show
NICE S0281 Skill in technical writing. Show
NICE S0282 Skill in testing and evaluating tools for implementation. Show
NICE S0283 Skill in transcribing target language communications. Show
NICE S0284 Skill in translating target graphic and/or voice language materials. Show
NICE S0285 Skill in using Boolean operators to construct simple and complex queries. Show
NICE S0286 Skill in using databases to identify target-relevant information. Show
NICE S0287 Skill in using geospatial data and applying geospatial resources. Show
NICE S0288 Skill in using multiple analytic tools, databases, and techniques (e.g., Analyst’s Notebook, A-Space, Anchory, M3, divergent/convergent thinking, link charts, matrices, etc.). Show
NICE S0289 Skill in using multiple search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, LexisNexis, DataStar) and tools in conducting open-source searches. Show
NICE S0290 Skill in using non-attributable networks. Show
NICE S0291 Skill in using research methods including multiple, different sources to reconstruct a target network. Show
NICE S0292 Skill in using targeting databases and software packages. Show
NICE S0293 Skill in using tools, techniques, and procedures to remotely exploit and establish persistence on a target. Show
NICE S0294 Skill in using trace route tools and interpreting the results as they apply to network analysis and reconstruction. Show
NICE S0295 Skill in using various open source data collection tools (online trade, DNS, mail, etc.). Show
NICE S0296 Skill in utilizing feedback to improve processes, products, and services. Show
NICE S0297 Skill in utilizing virtual collaborative workspaces and/or tools (e.g., IWS, VTCs, chat rooms, SharePoint). Show
NICE S0298 Skill in verifying the integrity of all files. (e.g., checksums, Exclusive OR, secure hashes, check constraints, etc.). Show
NICE S0299 Skill in wireless network target analysis, templating, and geolocation. Show
NICE S0300 Skill in writing (and submitting) requirements to meet gaps in technical capabilities. Show
NICE S0301 Skill in writing about facts and ideas in a clear, convincing, and organized manner. Show
NICE S0302 Skill in writing effectiveness reports. Show
NICE S0303 Skill in writing, reviewing and editing cyber-related Intelligence/assessment products from multiple sources. Show
NICE S0304 Skill to access information on current assets available, usage. Show
NICE S0305 Skill to access the databases where plans/directives/guidance are maintained. Show
NICE S0306 Skill to analyze strategic guidance for issues requiring clarification and/or additional guidance. Show
NICE S0307 Skill to analyze target or threat sources of strength and morale. Show
NICE S0308 Skill to anticipate intelligence capability employment requirements. Show
NICE S0309 Skill to anticipate key target or threat activities which are likely to prompt a leadership decision. Show
NICE S0310 Skill to apply analytical standards to evaluate intelligence products. Show
NICE S0311 Skill to apply the capabilities, limitations and tasking methodologies of available platforms, sensors, architectures and apparatus as they apply to organization objectives. Show
NICE S0312 Skill to apply the process used to assess the performance and impact of cyber operations. Show
NICE S0313 Skill to articulate a needs statement/requirement and integrate new and emerging collection capabilities, accesses and/or processes into collection operations. Show
NICE S0314 Skill to articulate intelligence capabilities available to support execution of the plan. Show
NICE S0315 Skill to articulate the needs of joint planners to all-source analysts. Show
NICE S0316 Skill to associate Intelligence gaps to priority information requirements and observables. Show
NICE S0317 Skill to compare indicators/observables with requirements. Show
NICE S0318 Skill to conceptualize the entirety of the intelligence process in the multiple domains and dimensions. Show
NICE S0319 Skill to convert intelligence requirements into intelligence production tasks. Show
NICE S0320 Skill to coordinate the development of tailored intelligence products. Show
NICE S0321 Skill to correlate intelligence priorities to the allocation of intelligence resources/assets. Show
NICE S0322 Skill to craft indicators of operational progress/success. Show
NICE S0323 Skill to create and maintain up-to-date planning documents and tracking of services/production. Show
NICE S0324 Skill to determine feasibility of collection. Show
NICE S0325 Skill to develop a collection plan that clearly shows the discipline that can be used to collect the information needed. Show
NICE S0326 Skill to distinguish between notional and actual resources and their applicability to the plan under development. Show
NICE S0327 Skill to ensure that the collection strategy leverages all available resources. Show
NICE S0328 Skill to evaluate factors of the operational environment to objectives, and information requirements. Show
NICE S0329 Skill to evaluate requests for information to determine if response information exists. Show
NICE S0330 Skill to evaluate the capabilities, limitations and tasking methodologies of organic, theater, national, coalition and other collection capabilities. Show
NICE S0331 Skill to express orally and in writing the relationship between intelligence capability limitations and decision-making risk and impacts on the overall operation. Show
NICE S0332 Skill to extract information from available tools and applications associated with collection requirements and collection operations management. Show
NICE S0333 Skill to graphically depict decision support materials containing intelligence and partner capability estimates. Show
NICE S0334 Skill to identify and apply tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination to associated collection disciplines. Show
NICE S0335 Skill to identify Intelligence gaps. Show
NICE S0336 Skill to identify when priority information requirements are satisfied. Show
NICE S0337 Skill to implement established procedures for evaluating collection management and operations activities. Show
NICE S0338 Skill to interpret planning guidance to discern level of analytical support required. Show
NICE S0339 Skill to interpret readiness reporting, its operational relevance and intelligence collection impact. Show
NICE S0340 Skill to monitor target or threat situation and environmental factors. Show
NICE S0341 Skill to monitor threat effects to partner capabilities and maintain a running estimate. Show
NICE S0342 Skill to optimize collection system performance through repeated adjustment, testing, and re-adjustment. Show
NICE S0343 Skill to orchestrate intelligence planning teams, coordinate collection and production support, and monitor status. Show
NICE S0344 Skill to prepare and deliver reports, presentations and briefings, to include using visual aids or presentation technology. Show
NICE S0345 Skill to relate intelligence resources/assets to anticipated intelligence requirements. Show
NICE S0346 Skill to resolve conflicting collection requirements. Show
NICE S0347 Skill to review performance specifications and historical information about collection assets. Show
NICE S0348 Skill to specify collections and/or taskings that must be conducted in the near term. Show
NICE S0349 Skill to synchronize operational assessment procedures with the critical information requirement process. Show
NICE S0350 Skill to synchronize planning activities and required intelligence support. Show
NICE S0351 Skill to translate the capabilities, limitations and tasking methodologies of organic, theater, national, coalition and other collection capabilities. Show
NICE S0352 Skill to use collaborative tools and environments for collection operations. Show
NICE S0353 Skill to use systems and/or tools to track collection requirements and determine if they are satisfied. Show
NICE S0354 Skill in creating policies that reflect the business’s core privacy objectives. Show
NICE S0355 Skill in negotiating vendor agreements and evaluating vendor privacy practices. Show
NICE S0356 Skill in communicating with all levels of management including Board members (e.g., interpersonal skills, approachability, effective listening skills, appropriate use of style and language for the audience). Show
NICE S0357 Skill to anticipate new security threats. Show
NICE S0358 Skill to remain aware of evolving technical infrastructures. Show
NICE S0359 Skill to use critical thinking to analyze organizational patterns and relationships. Show
NICE S0360 Skill to analyze and assess internal and external partner cyber operations capabilities and tools. Show
NICE S0361 Skill to analyze and assess internal and external partner intelligence processes and the development of information requirements and essential information. Show
NICE S0362 Skill to analyze and assess internal and external partner organization capabilities and limitations (those with tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination responsibilities). Show
NICE S0363 Skill to analyze and assess internal and external partner reporting. Show
NICE S0364 Skill to develop insights about the context of an organization’s threat environment Show
NICE S0365 Skill to design incident response for cloud service models. Show
NICE S0366 Skill to identify successful capabilities to find solutions to less common and more complex system problems. Show
NICE S0367 Skill to apply cybersecurity and privacy principles to organizational requirements (relevant to confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, non-repudiation). Show
NICE S0368 Skill to use risk scoring to inform performance-based and cost-effective approaches to help organizations to identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risk. Show
NICE S0369 Skill to identify sources, characteristics, and uses of the organization’s data assets. Show
NICE S0370 Skill to use cyber defense Service Provider reporting structure and processes within one’s own organization. Show
NICE S0371 Skill to respond and take local actions in response to threat sharing alerts from service providers. Show
NICE S0372 Skill to translate, track, and prioritize information needs and intelligence collection requirements across the extended enterprise. Show
NICE S0373 Skill to ensure that accountability information is collected for information system and information and communications technology supply chain infrastructure components. Show
NICE S0374 Skill to identify cybersecurity and privacy issues that stem from connections with internal and external customers and partner organizations. Show